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Jun 24, 2013 In addition to providing free in-home security assessments, ADT is offering a special July 4 th promotion, giving consumers $250 to $300 of instant savings on the ADT Pulse system. To learn more about ADT, please visit www.adt.com or call 1-800-ADT-ASAP. Activate an existing system and get 24/7 monitoring for $19.99./mo. Potentially save hundreds on installation. 24/7 professional monitoring. ADT yard sign and window decals. Call now (800) 817-6847.Requires a 36 month monitoring contract with a minimum charge of $19.99/mo. For the first 12 months and at $28.99/mo for the balance of.

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  • Remote access/control from your smart device
  • Live video Monitoring
  • Multi-system access
  • Easy to use

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Call 1-300-88-0228 or fill out the form below. Free tire installation sam'. An ADT Specialist will contact you on the number provided about ADT offers.

Get a free quote

Call 1-300-88-0228 or fill out the form below. An ADT Specialist will contact you on the number provided about ADT offers.

Sometimes it seems like every home security advance is matched by an advance in criminal ingenuity. Whether it's a standard alarm system, a security camera, or even on-site personnel, vulnerabilities can be exploited by a thief who knows how. The good news is that not every system has these problems. The most sophisticated systems can thwart the plans of even determined criminals, keeping your home and family safe.

Home security professionals know everything there is about keeping houses safe. Their knowledge is current, and their systems designed by people who understand the lengths intruders will go to in order to enter your home. ADT monitored alarm systems go the extra mile to keep them out.

An ADT Monitored Wireless Home Security System installed in your home is linked to a network of five monitoring systems nationwide. These stations keep track of your system around the clock, every day of the year. If there's an intrusion, they make sure it's valid, then notify you and your local authorities of the incident. Response is fast, efficient, and personal, with real people staffing each security center.

Wireless sensors make up ADT's monitored alarm system, guarding the perimeter of your home and stopping intruders before they even enter. Over three quarters of home break-ins happen through the door and ADT monitored alarm sensors let you know what's happening without having to confront the intruder. These sensors can easily be removed and relocated for remodeling and other purposes.

The familiar blue and white ADT monitored alarm system logo on a yard sign and window decals warn potential intruders not to target your home. More than ninety percent of convicted burglars have said they steer clear of homes with clearly advertised security systems. Of course, anyone who chose to ignore your clear warning would be picked up by motion detectors within your home. These detectors sense intruders based on motion, body heat and weight making them unlikely to go off due to pets. Install microsoft office macbook free. That puts an end to annoying false alarms.

If you discontinue services within six months, you may be eligible for a refund on monitoring costs and installation fees, and if an intrusion happens, up to five hundred dollars will be paid against your insurance deductible. ADT monitored alarm provides a certificate for submission to homeowners insurance agencies which may give you eligibility for as much as a twenty percent discount.

Over seven million homes in the United States alone are currently protected by ADT monitored alarm systems, as well as more than a hundred airports and fifty percent of banks. Fifteen million homes worldwide bear the ADT monitored alarm sticker, and provide protection for families and belongings. Additional features, like medical protection and breaking glass sensors, add even more protection and peace of mind for you and your family. If your home isn't protected against break-ins, fire, and more it's time to order an ADT monitored alarm system.

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Go through an authorized seller for even better deals. Basic service starts at $36.99 per month, plus installation fees. However, special introductory offers could get you an even better deal. Look around to find some of these great bargains - they'll help you keep your home safe for even less.

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