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according to the latest news that blade and soul eu would be released on january 19, 2016. blade & soul has officially been released in korea, china, japan, and taiwan as so far. if you can't wait to play bns online, we are glad to introduce the tutorial how to download and install blade&soul(tw) in english. each of these regions has their own characteristics, we recommend you choose to play bns(tw) in advance. “north american players can get a ping of anywhere from 150ms to 270ms to thebns taiwan without a vpn. with a vpn it can be reduced by 50ms ~ 80ms. ping to the chinese servers can be anywhere from 170ms to 400ms, depending on location.”

Begin a heroic journey to confront dark forces and seek vengeance as a master of the martial arts in Blade & Soul, the free-to-play MMORPG.

low system requirements
blade & soul can be played on window xp, vista or window 7 operating system. as for graphics card, geforce 8800gtx and radeon hd 4850 which were released at the end of last year are officially recommended. generally, computers that are able to run recent common mmos are good enough to run blade & soul smoothly.
minimum system requirements
cpu intel dual core or amd athlon64 x2 or better
ram 2g or more
video card nvidia geforce 8600gt/amd radeon hd 4600 or better
hard disk 15gb or more
os window xp, vista or window 7(32/64bit)
directx 9.0c
recommended system requirements
cpu intel quad core or amd phenom ii x4 or better
ram 4g or more
video card nvidia geforce 8800gt or amd radeon hd 4850 or better
hard disk 15gb or more
os window xp, vista or window 7(32/64bit)
directx 9.0c

1. creating an account

access the official bns taiwan site [http://tw.ncsoft.com/bns/index.nc] to create or log in to an existing tw account. i recommend that you use google translator to translate the page. i'm using the google chrome browser. if you haven’t used the translator before, it should look something like this:

you can create an account with your email address or link an account to your facebook. however, you cannot merge an email account with a facebook account, so choose wisely.

if you choose to create a new account linked to your email address, complete the form below and you will be sent a verification email to activate your account. after you do this, you will be done with the account creation.

blade and soul installation

go to “sign in” and log in with your credentials.

your main account will grant you access to the download page, or you can access this [http://tw.ncsoft.com/bns/download/client] directly.

this will take you to a webpage to download the game launcher. make also sure that you download and install the directx and visual c files the game requires. without those files, you will receive an error.

once you launch the installer, you’ll see the following windows. Installing free vpn on firestick reddit. to install the launcher, click on the highlighted areas. here’s what it looks like:

the installer will start downloading the game. the files are heavy, almost 18gb in total, so the installation time will depend on your connection. it might get stuck at 100%, but that only means the download is ready.

once you are done, click on the big orange button to launch the game. this will launch the non translated version of the game, but it will allow you to test if the installation was done correctly.


en patch

congratulations! you’ve installed the game. the only step left if to apply the patch in en to understand it.

install the patch. tip: it is recommended to download the latest patch every week.

Blade And Soul Installer Free Download For Windows 8

you can directly install it in the nc game folder. if you haven't changed the default location, it should be located in:

c:program files (x86)nctaiwanblade & soul

and you’re done! your game will change from this:

you are now another bns player! if your are unsure of the server you wish to join, here are examples of servers with english speaking players.

Free Download Blade Soul Arena Pvp Blade Dancer Platinum To Diamond 3 Warlock Patch MP3, Size: 112.00 MB, Duration: 1 hour, 25 minutes and 6 seconds, Bitrate: 192 Kbps. Toggle navigation. Blade Soul Arena Pvp Blade Dancer Platinum To Diamond 3 Warlock Patch Free Mp3 Download. BnS Buddy is Fixed Now. BnS Buddy is Blade & Soul's popular mod manager that allows players to play the game with ease. It is essential for many players to enjoy the game with good FPS. Some won't even attempt playing without this application. Click to download. If you want to download Blade and Soul for free, you have come to the right place! Blade and Soul Story. But first, I’ll tell you even more awesome things about this game, just in case you haven’t decided to download the game from us yet. If open Blade & Soul and start playing and see that your 'english patch' and your 'de-censor patch' are back to chinese language and chinese censorship, this just means that you must re-apply the patches again. Follow these steps: Step (1). Close out of all Blade & Soul clients and launchers.


Download & guide link - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxLphLQ__m7yUE1TR3pUTW5ZdGs

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K39y5EqXCiA&feature=youtu.be

Blade And Soul Installer Free Download Windows 10

  1. Install

  2. Run Anyway

  3. Select bit version

  4. Update

  5. Patch

  6. Play

Blade And Soul Installer Free Download 2010

Blade And Soul Installer Free Download

Blade And Soul Installer Free Download For Windows 10

P.S Update every Wednesday (after maintenance)

Credits : HYUGA

Download Blade And Soul Mobile

In-game screens : http://imgur.com/J86eQlehttp://imgur.com/cG6qiDkhttp://imgur.com/54eb0Oyhttp://imgur.com/bhBxtOa

Not 100% translated, possibly around 90+%

UPDATE: I have stopped playing BnS. Please bookmark the google drive page and youtube video.

Blade And Soul Uncensor Patch Download

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