Cant Install Free Warhammer Dlc


Game mode: Store
Problem: Cant Install
Region: Australia

I can't add the free dlc to Warhammer. I've tried everything but I can't for the life of me manage to get the FLC added to Warhammer:TW on steam. If I open the 'downloadable content' tab on WTW it brings me to the steam overlay. If I press 'download' it tells me I have to have steam installed, pressing the button does nothing.

Okay so this has been an Issue I have seen a few times in my research on how to solve it but to reiterate:
I purchased Conan Exiles while it was still in its Preview stage. Since then I have installed it on and off. Just recently I re-installed the game and wanted to check out the DLC where I happened upon the free nudity DLC.
However I also Noticed I had to re-buy the game in order to get it.

Total War Warhammer All Dlc

After some digging I now know that it is an issue with anyone who purchased the Preview Version before release on Xbox. I’m still unsure if its MS store problem or a communication issue with FunCom and MS.

Cant Install Free Warhammer DlcWarhammer

I have already changed my location and la guage etc. Reinstalled and I am based in the AU so I know that is not an Issue. The Microsoft forums and support team are useless so I need help here.

Has anyone else had this Issue?
Is it solved?
Is FunCome doing something about it?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Warhammer 2 All Dlc Units

  1. Cant Replicate unless you own Preview Purchased version

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