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When you’re getting new floors, massive couches, tables or cabinetry can get in the way. You could either move theses pieces yourself, hire movers or ask the flooring company to take care of them. No matter which option you choose, you may still have some questions about where to put your valuables and how to prepare the area for your brand-new floors. Use this guide for tips on installing flooring with furniture in the room.

What to Do With Furniture When Getting New Floors

Put your furniture anywhere that isn’t getting new flooring, such as a garage, storage shed or basement. You could also use a portable storage unit outside your house so that you can easily access your valuables after the installers have completed the flooring. If you don’t have access to spare rooms or temporary storage spaces, you could move these pieces around to different rooms during the installation process.

Pay Over Time with a Personal Loan. How to install avast free antivirus 2019. While credit cards can be good options for smaller purchases, especially those you can repay quickly, plastic isn’t always better. The cost of re-carpeting your entire home, for instance, can range into the thousands, making credit cards less effective financing. Walk on New Carpet With Help From Lowe’s. When it comes to adding carpet to a room or replacing existing carpet, installing carpet correctly the first time is top priority. Use Lowe’s carpet installation service to get help from trusted professional independent installers in your area. How to install carpet with furniture in the room: It isn’t easy to install carpet with furniture in the room because one roll of carpet takes up the whole floor. During a carpet replacement, remove furniture from the entire house so that the flooring experts can easily lay down the carpet. When carpeting a room with heavy furniture, place. An anonymous reader who once worked installing as an installer for Lowe's shared some very helpful advice with us: you probably shouldn't go to a big-box store for your deck-building and window. With today's on-demand technology, why should floor covering take a month or more to install? We offer next-day installation on all of our flooring. throughout most of the Northeast U.S. National Floors Direct offers an unmatched selection of in-stock carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate flooring.

Before moving any of your belongings, empty the drawers to lighten your load and reduce the risk of damage. To determine what to do with your furniture, answer these questions:

  • Are you putting new floors in the whole house or only one room?If you only want to lay down carpet in your living room or put vinyl tiles in the kitchen, you can put all your furniture in another place in the house and leave it there. For whole-house projects, you may want to invest in temporary storage or move the pieces out of one room at a time.
  • What is your timeline?Depending on your flooring material, your project may be on a tight schedule. Consider how quickly you can get your heavy valuables out of your house, and how soon you need to remove everything before floor installation. While asking the flooring company to move your furniture is the most convenient option, you need to let them know well in advance what you want them to do.
  • Can you move heavy objects?While relocating your furniture is the most cost-effective option, you may not have the strength to carry it all by yourself. You need to consider hiring a professional if you aren’t capable of moving furniture around your house.
  • How many spare rooms do you have?If you have a couple of additional bedrooms, you could use one of them as a temporary home for your furniture. With houses that lack the space, you’ll have to consider temporary storage units or carrying your furniture from room to room as needed.
  • What’s your budget?It costs money to hire a professional team to find a place for your heavy valuables. If you have a limited budget, ask your friends and family members to help you bring your chairs and tables to another part of the house.

How to Install Flooring With Large Furniture in the Room

Laying down flooring with large furniture in the room depends on the material you choose. You can put down floor planks without clearing your whole house, but you need to remove your heavy valuables to install carpeting or sheet vinyl. Follow these tips for how to handle your couches and tables while getting new floors:

  • How to install carpet with furniture in the room:It isn’t easy to install carpet with furniture in the room because one roll of carpet takes up the whole floor. During a carpet replacement, remove furniture from the entire house so that the flooring experts can easily lay down the carpet. When carpeting a room with heavy furniture, place carpet protectors under the legs of your pieces to prevent impressions.
  • How to install hardwood or laminate flooring with furniture in the room:As the team from the flooring company puts down laminate or hardwood planks, you could move your valuables to one place at a time. You would need to buy furniture pads for heavy desks or dressers to prevent scratching or dents. These pads come in various shapes and sizes to fit under the legs of your different pieces. When putting your couches or tables back on the floors, lift them instead of pulling or dragging them along the floor.
  • How to install vinyl flooring with furniture in the room: If you want sheet vinyl flooring, you would have to remove all the belongings in the house because the flooring comes as one large piece. For vinyl planking, you could bring your furniture from room to room as you would with hardwood or laminate flooring. You would also need to use padding under your furniture to protect the vinyl from etches or depressions.

Will Flooring Installers Move My Furniture for Me?

Most floor installers will include moving your furniture in their estimate, but you should find out if you have to pay an additional cost. Our team at 50 Floor will handle any of your large belongings once we arrive on-site, but you must remove small, delicate items. You would also have to let us know if you want us to handle your chairs and desks or if you’re hiring a moving company.

Besides getting heavy objects out of the way, here are some other tips for preparing your site for flooring installation:

  • Take everything out of the room:When installing new floors, dust and debris are often not far behind. The old carpeting could’ve trapped dirt, and finishing hardwood could put sawdust on the walls. Clear out curtains, wall art and removable light fixtures from a room and put them in a safe place. You should also cover your windows and take your clothes out of closets to prevent dust from spoiling your property.
  • Set aside an area for furniture:Even if you ask our professional staff to remove your heavy valuables, you should have a designated spot in the house where we can put them. Make a clear pathway throughout the house for us to walk through and transfer your items.
  • Find a place for children and pets:Since we’ll be lifting heavy materials and keeping doors open, it’s best to keep children and pets away from the worksite. Consider staying at a hotel or hiring a babysitter during the flooring installation.
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Schedule an Appointment With 50 Floor

If you live near one of our service areas and need new flooring, schedule an in-house estimate with us. Our experts at 50 Floor offer convenient service by meeting you in your home and showing you floor samples against your current decor. During the estimate, you can ask us questions about our furniture moving protocol and how you can best prepare your home for your new flooring. For more information, call us at 1-800-50-FLOOR.

An anonymous reader who once worked installing as an installer for Lowe’s shared some very helpful advice with us: you probably shouldn’t go to a big-box store for your deck-building and window-installing needs. Why is that? Let him count the ways.

For 8 months I worked as a Lowe’s Installed Sales Installers. I installed everything; decks, fencing, roofs, gutters, siding, windows and doors. I worked with 10 Project Specialist Exteriors (PSE) during my time with Lowe’s. I’d like to share my experience as a warning against using Lowe’s or as a suggestion to use Lowe’s: your choice.

1. Deliveries are frequently late and incomplete. I arrived at a house to install a deck the store had delivered half the materials which in theory is fine on a week long project, except they delivered the deck boards not the posts and framing materials. Since they don’t make room for errors in the delivery schedule it took a day and a half to switch materials. They refunded the customer $250 for the trouble.

2. Their employees don’t know anything about the products they sell. I arrived to install a roof and found pallets of shingles, vents, ice and water shield etc. I called the installed sales office and asked where the felt paper was, the department manager asked if I could start the roof today and finish tomorrow once they could get the felt paper delivered. No! the felt paper goes under the shingles.

3. Their employees don’t understand construction. On one occasion we started a fence project and hit a unmarked utility line, the electric and cable company came out told the customer the line was improperly marked and repaired it (free of charge). We finished the fence and billed the store.

A week later I called to check on my payment, The Installed Sales Manager told me there wasn’t any labor money left to pay the invoice. When I asked why she explained the refunded the entire labor amount to the customer since we hit her cable and electrical line. I explained that a marking means there is a line within 4 inches the lines we hit were 7 inches from the marking so we aren’t liable. She responded “oh, what can you do to help us?” I told to take it up with the utility company and that my full invoice needed paid since I wasn’t at fault and didn’t refund the money.

Carpet Sales And Installation

They refunded the customer about $1,800 and paid us our full bill. I estimate they lost $1,250 on the job.

4. Installers aren’t allowed to paint, touch up, color, etc. anything. If I have to take your trim off of get your front door installed we won’t paint the new piece. I can install new trim and gutter board but cannot paint it. I can cut siding but cannot paint or seal the joints.

Cost Of Carpet And Installation

5. You are at the mercy of their overbooked delivery schedule. Projects routinely ran over because the stores overbooked deliveries and only made partial deliveries. I needed 115 sheets of OSB on a roof job they store told me and the customer it would be 2 days for delivery. This is after the shingles are torn off and the roof is sitting exposed with gaping holes in it. We eventually got the materials that day but it caused the project to run long. They refunded the customer $350.

6. The store is at the mercy of the complaint line. We installed a great looking fence but the customer complained knowing he could get a refund (he had used Lowe’s on 4 previous projects and had received a total of $3,500 in refunds to date). We rebuilt both gates twice and 75 feet of fencing. When a customer calls the complaint line the store is obligated to make the customer happy which always involved a refund. I ended up billing Lowe’s $1,250 for extra labor and they refunded the customer $1,000 since the project took 8 extra weeks (special order materials). The lost about $1,500 on the job.

Moral of the story. If you want a smooth process don’t use Lowe’s. If you want to get a big refund, use Lowe’s.

Do I Get Free Carpet Installation Near Me

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Consumerist.

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