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The hob may be connected to the gas supply either by rigid pipework or flexible Connect to the electricity supply connection. Page 20 INSTALLATION Connect to the electricity supply be connected to the terminal marked L For hobs that are supplied/manufactured (Live), or coloured Red. With a 13Amp supply cord and plug only. To prevent high installation costs we have compiled the following basic package deals for gas installation Pricing. We Have Called Them: Option 1: Placement Of Gas Cylinder inside ( In Cupbard Installation ) close to the Gas Hob or Free Standing Gas Stove.

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Gas Stove Connection – Gas Cooktop, Oven & Stove Installation

Gas Stove Connection – How to Add Gas Cooking to Your Home

A step-by-step guide to adding LPG gas cooking to your home, including the addition of LPG gas to an all-electric home.

Installing a Gas Cooktop or Oven is Easy

No matter where you live, you can have gas cooking with LPG gas.

And we make adding LPG gas cooking to your home very easy!

We work with you to get you the LPG cooking appliance you want, a qualified gas fitter to do the installation and help you save some money, too.

How To:

1. Choose Your LPG Gas Cooking Appliance


First, you decide on which type, size and brand of LPG cooker you wish to have.

You can choose a gas stove, gas cooktop, gas cooker or a gas oven.

Gas Cooktop Sizes

Gas cooktop sizes can vary from single burner widths of 300mm to 360mm to much larger units of up to 1,500mm that include hotplates or extra burners.

The two most common gas cooktop sizes are 600mm and 900mm.

Gas Cooktop Dimensions*

The cut-out size for a cooktop is usually 20mm to 40mm smaller than the overall dimension.

You want to look for a gas cooktop that is equal to or slightly larger than your existing cooktop, as you can almost always trim a bit more bench top to make it fit.

Free Standing Upright Gas Stove, Oven or Range Dimensions

Free standing upright gas stoves or ovens come in three common widths: 540mm; 600mm; and 900mm.

Find out more about Westinghouse Cooking Appliances

2. Buy Your LPG Gas Cooking Appliance

Pre-purchase the LPG gas stove, gas cooktop, gas cooker or gas oven.

This will save time and could save you money, if you choose one of our great LPG Bundle Offers.

You get a great price, 24 month interest free payments and Bonus Gas Credits!

Free Installation Gas Hobby

3. Pick Your LPG Supplier

If you are a New User of Home LPG, you also want to pick your LPG supplier before the gas fitter starts, as the gas fitter will need to know from whom to order the initial gas bottles.

It’s fast and easy to Open a New LPG Gas Account Online.

As part of the selection process, you will need to decide on the type of LPG delivery that you want.

There are two choices: Automatic Tanker Delivery and Gas Bottle Exchange services.

4. Choose a Licensed Gas Fitter

You should choose a licensed gas fitter that is familiar with LPG and the installation of LPG gas cookers.

5. Install Gas Fittings, If You Don’t Already Have LPG

If you do not yet have LPG bottled gas at your home, the gas fitter will install a gas regulator, gas bottle connectors and the piping.

We provide the gas bottles and our $80 Bonus Welcome Package.

Be sure to tell the gas fitter if you are getting our Automatic Tanker Delivery, as this can affect the placement of the gas bottles.

6. Gas Stove Connection – Installing Your LPG Cooking Appliance

The gas stove connection is done by your gas fitter, when they install the gas stove, gas cooktop, gas cooker or gas oven.

We will coordinate the initial gas delivery so that he can test the heater as the last step of the project.

Distance Between Gas Cooktop and Rangehood

The distance between a gas cooktop and rangehood: Highest part of the highest burner to the base of the range hood must be a minimum of 600 mm.

The distance between a gas cooktop and exhaust fan: Highest part of the highest burner to the base of the exhaust fan must be a minimum of 750 mm.

For more details, reference AS/NZS 5601.1:2013.

7. Enjoy Cooking Like a Master Chef!

Compare Gas Cooking Appliance Prices

Now you can compare prices for major brands of gas fireplaces and gas log fires including Westinghouse, Chef and Braemar.
Click to Compare Gas Stove and Cooktop Prices
*Please note:

♦ Any walls surrounding the cooktop should to be heat resistant to at least 150mm high.

Ceramic tiles are commonly used.

♦ Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations and check for sufficient clearance under the cooktop.

♦ If the bottom of the cooktop can be touched from inside a cabinet or operable drawer, a safety barrier must be installed to prevent human contact.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

♦ In addition to following all of the manufacturer’s installation guidelines, your appliance must be installed to Australian Standard AS5601 for Gas Installations.

Your gas fitter would be familiar with these requirements.


You can also refer to this ESV information sheet on Domestic Cooker Clearances.

'Gas-under-glass' technology is our patent-protected solution. Flat ceramic surface and catalytic burner concealed beneath it is a combination that makes gas cooking even more pleasant. No protruding burners and grates makes cleaning flameless hobs easy. Remarkable gas combustion technology saves up to 50% of gas, maintaining fantastic look of the hob at the same time.


Ceramic gas hob, 2+1 free burner. Perfect for yachts or rare cooking.
Fits a 35cm (13.8 in.) cupboard or bigger.


Ceramic gas hob, 3+1 free burners. Perfect for frequent cooking.
Fits a 60cm (23.5 in.) cupboard.


Ceramic gas hob, 4+1 free burner. Perfect for everyday cooking.
Fits a 60cm (23.5 in.) cupboard.


Ceramic gas hob, 4+2 free burners. Perfect for frequent and generous cooking.
Fits a 80cm (31.5 in.) cupboard.


Width 60 cm


Width 80 cm


Thanks to unique burner construction, free spots and cycle work flameless gas hobs use up to 50% less gas than traditional gas cookers.

Easy cleaning

The entire hob is covered with a smooth, ceramic surface. There are no protruding grates, burners or dirt-friendly nooks. This makes cleaning easy and simple.


The hob is supplied with additional safety systems. Tailor-made probes constantly monitor whether gas is combusted properly and messages on hob’s condition are displayed on the control panel.

Patent-protected gas

There is literally no flame in GPC hobs. Gas is combusted catalytically in a tailored burner concealed under ceramics. Thanks to this unique solution, the gas combustion temperature reaches up to 800°C. It is almost twice as much compared to a traditional cooker. Gas is used more effectively and combusted more accurately. You can also enjoy lack of fat stains on furniture, less carbon dioxide and saved money. We have been producing this type of burner since 2002 and we are certain of its quality – this is why they come with a 7-year guarantee!

Gas is combusted catalytically in this sort of hobs. On a burner under a layer of glass it glows in the form of a mist on a special ceramic plate. This unique technology makes the gas combust more exhaustively than in traditional cookers. This prevents sticky leftovers from appearing on furniture, something which is well-known by the owners of conventional cookers. This fat yellow slime is nothing more than unburnt gas components. At higher combustion temperature they are all combusted in the interior of the hob and they do not ooze out to our kitchen. As a result we will not see any stubborn stains on neighbouring walls, hood and pots. In addition, carbon monoxide level in the fumes is ten times lower than in conventional gas cookers.

Corner Gas Hobs Uk

No fat stains

800°C temperature

Up to 10 times less carbon monoxide

Saves up to 50% gas

Due to higher gas combustion capacity flameless gas hobs use up to 50% less gas than conventional cookers. Moreover hobs work in cycles, i.e. cut off gas when the surface is heated and turn on if needed – just like iron. Each model is provided with one or two free spots – striped fields which heat up during cooking without collecting gas. They are ideal for maintaining dish temperature and preparing soups or sauces.

GPC hob free spots use heat coming from other burners without collecting gas. Contrary to traditional cookers where fumes are extracted directly from a burner to your kitchen, in flameless gas hobs fumes are first channelled into striped fields and then extracted to ventilation grilles at the back of the hob. The temperature of a free spot, depending on the model, may reach even 200°C without even collecting gas. The fact that gas does not escape sideways, next to a pot is also a brilliant use of gas provided. A burner is thoroughly warmed by the heat and a pot is placed right on it. The result is a minimum heat loss. Almost the entire energy is provided directly to out pot and research proves it! According to the Central Mining Institute’s Department of Energy Saving and Air Protection GPC hobs are up to 25% more efficient compared to regular gas cookers.

Intuitive control

Thanks to intuitive touch control panel, operating hob is fabulously straightforward. Select burner and swipe your finger either left or right in order to choose heat level for each burner separately. Sensory control also means additional conveniences, such as ``Timer`` feature that enables us to turn burner after set time.


Something boiled over on the control panel? No problem, the hob will detect that and notify you by sound about the issue afterwards. In case children are playing nearby, we can of course lock it at any time. Flameless gas hobs feature twice as much security systems compared to conventional cookers. Anti-gas flow protection is supported by electronic systems which constantly monitor the entire combustion process, gas pressure and its quality. In addition, on the display we will find messages on low gas level or when the surface is still hot.

Additional security systems

Set the timer and burner will turn off, e.g. after 5 minutes.


Letters informing on hob condition are displayed on the control panel, e.g. H – burner is still warm after cooking.


GPC hobs feature more security systems than conventional gas cookers.

Cleanliness and ecology

Fumes are conveyed through ventilation grilles at the back of the hob. The unprecedented gas combustion method is not only more effective but also more ecological. Catalyst combustion guarantees carbon monoxide level ten times lower compared to conventional gas cookers. During everyday use ventilation grills are user-friendly as well. You can pull them out and wash in a dishwasher. The air coming out of them is extracted upwards vertically and cools down at 15cm (6 in.) above surface already.

Runs on each gas type

Solgaz hobs run on each gas type – both cylinder gas and city gas. You only need to install appropriate nozzles. Do not worry about it however: inform us on the gas type you use when placing an order and a hob designed especially for you will be arranged in the factory.

Cook without electricity

Thanks to the fact that all gas hobs are plugged in, gas turns on automatically and there is no need for matches. GPC hobs are no different than that. However if we run out of power, this does not mean the end of cooking. You can purchase supplementary back up power supply. It is a special battery that will keep your hob running for the next 2 days!

  • One should consider Polish technologies when arranging kitchen or planning cooker exchange

  • Flameless gas hobs constitute an ideal compromise between modern design and benefits of a conventional gas hob

  • Kitchen crowd-puller

Unique design for every interior

Simple and tasteful design will match every kitchen. Solgaz’s distinctive black and refined finish is a guarantee that the hob will match both modern and classic interiors.

Easy installation

Installing a hob is like installing a regular cooker – really straightforward. It takes only cutting an opening in the table top and placing the hob inside. Every oven will also fit in the cupboard beneath it.


Ceramic gas hob, 2+1 free burner. Perfect for yachts or rare cooking.
Fits a 35cm (13.8 in.) cupboard or bigger.


Ceramic gas hob, 3+1 free burners. Perfect for frequent cooking.
Fits a 60cm (23.5 in.) cupboard.


Ceramic gas hob, 4+1 free burner. Perfect for everyday cooking.
Fits a 60cm (23.5 in.) cupboard.


Ceramic gas hob, 4+2 free burners. Perfect for frequent and generous cooking.
Fits a 80cm (31.5 in.) cupboard.


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