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Free Smoke/CO Alarms for Seattle Homeowners

Please note: We are unable to install smoke/CO alarms including strobe alarms for deaf residents until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you fill out theonline request form, we will contact you when we are able to install smoke/co and strobe alarms.

Dec 08, 2020 Smoke detector inspection is a routine fire safety check that helps ensure the reliability and safe operation of smoke detectors in the event of incipient fires. It helps determine if a smoke detector is properly installed, well-maintained, and is not expired.

Free combination smoke/CO alarms are provided and installed in the homes of qualifying Seattle homeowners. The smoke/co alarms are battery-powered and are installed by Seattle Firefighters.

To qualify you must: Windows easy installer free download.

  • Live in the city of Seattle.
  • Own and live in your home.
  • Identify as a senior or live on a low income or have a disability.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Seattle residents may request a free strobe smoke alarm (see image). These strobe smoke alarms plug into an electrical outlet and must be installed in the sleeping room. Installation is included.


Recommendations are that you install at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home and inside every bedroom.


Battery-operated alarms should be tested once a month to ensure they are working.


Free Smoke Detector Installation Guide

Replace the batteries in your smoke alarm once a year. Each fall when clocks are changed to mark the end of Daylight Saving Time, install a new battery. If an alarm “chirps” to indicate a low battery – change it.

A ten-year lithium battery smoke alarm does not need to have its battery changed. Replace smoke alarms that use extended-life, lithium batteries when the alarm “chirps” or fails to respond to periodic testing. The batteries in these units cannot be replaced.

False Alarms

Nec Code Smoke Detector Location

Use the hush button to silence a false alarm from cooking smoke or steam. Never disconnect or remove the battery. If your smoke alarm does not have a hush button use a magazine or kitchen towel to fan the smoke away from the alarm.


Replace your smoke alarms every ten years. If you do not know how old your smoke alarm is, or if it is ten years or older, replace it as soon as possible.

Smoke/CO alarms in rental properties

Whether you live in a rented house or apartment, your landlord is required to provide you with a working smoke and CO alarm. Tenants are responsible for maintaining the alarms.

If your rental property does not have a smoke alarm, inform your landlord of this obligation. If you are having difficulty communicating with your landlord about this matter the following organizations may be of assistance:

  • The City of Seattle Housing and Zoning Enforcement Office; (206) 684-7899
  • Dispute Resolution Center (206) 443-9603
  • The Tenant's Union (206) 723-0500 or (1-800) 752-9993
  • The State Attorney General's Consumer Line (1-800) 752-9993

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

CO alarms have a life expectancy of around 7 years. All CO alarms produced after August 1, 2009 have an end-of-life warning notification that alerts the resident that the alarm should be replaced. The CO alarm will beep every 30 seconds or display ERR or END.
If a CO alarm is at its end-of-life, replacing the battery will not stop the beep. Some CO alarms have a feature that will silence the signal for 30 days but this will not solve the issue as the CO alarm will continue to beep after the 30 day period ends.

Free Smoke Detector Installation Contractors

Download a print-friendly file of the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Infographic in:

Where to install smoke detectors diagram

Important Smoke Alarm Tips

  • Place a smoke alarm in every bedroom, in the hallway and on each level of your home.
  • Some smoke alarms are specifically designed for kitchens or bathrooms to avoid false alarms.
  • Install the smoke alarm on the ceiling, at least 4 inches from the wall.
  • To avoid delays or false alarms, do not place a smoke alarm within 3 feet of an air supply register or near fireplaces and wood stoves.
  • Test your smoke alarms monthly and change the battery at least twice a year or sooner if the smoke alarm signals a low battery. Daylight Saving Time is a good reminder - when you change your clocks, change your batteries.
  • If you hear a chirping noise, usually every 60 seconds, the battery is dying. Change the battery immediately. Once the battery is dead, you have no protection.
  • If your smoke alarm is sounding continuously, call 911.

Free Smoke Alarms

The Greenville City Fire Department provides smoke alarms and installation, free of charge, to city residents. Use the city address locator to verify you live in the city limits.

Residential Smoke Detector Location Requirements

UPDATE: We have resumed accepting smoke alarm requests. Fire personnel wear masks and observe social distance when performing smoke alarm installations. Residents are also encouraged to wear masks and observe social distance during smoke alarm installations.

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