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Blue Prism Tutorial. RPA is the process of automating routine tasks by using software robots such that these tasks are performed automatically without any human intervention. These tasks include IT management, sales operations, procurement process, data entry, data extraction, auto generation of reports, customer service operations, etc. Once the SQL server is installed, we need to install Blue Prism using the steps given below and the screenshots: Step 1: Click on Blue Prism 5.0.10x64 for the installation to.

We will Know the step by step tutorial for “blue prism free download”. Well, Blue Prism is very easy than ever, because blue prism is coming with a free trial for learning. You can download the blue prism trial version from the blue prism official website. There you can fill up details and get a trial version of BP. Net framework 4.5 free download for windows 7 offline installer.

With this software, you can create lots of a proof of concept with your digital workforce, experience Blue Prism in the Cloud, or level up your automation skills with the most secure and feature-rich RPA platform.

Below is the step by step guide for download and installation for BP software. This license is valid only for 30 days and 90 days.

Step 1 :

1). open the URL to download the Blue prism software.

Step 2: Firstly you have to login/signup for downloading the blue prism software. so login/signup with your valid email account.

Step 3: After login, now go on Step 1 window and click-free/lean more link for either download 30/90 days free trial.

Below screen will display.

Step 4: Now click on Start Now window on the above screen. then another window will open as below.

URL will be as https://digitalexchange.blueprism.com/dx/entry/3439/solution/blue-prism-learning-edition

Click on Get Learning Edition link then one form will be open to filling the details again.

Step 5: Open the window and fill the required email id and other details as below:

Step 6: After filling the above form details and submit, now Thank you screen will display and wait 5-10 minutes to get the confirmation email. Now check your email account. You will get a mail with blue prim downloaded link as below.

Step 7: Now click on the above URLhttps://portal.blueprism.com/products/learning

Step 8: Now you can download the Blue Prism software and enjoy happy automation using BP.

for more information, you can refer to Blue prism university


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All Blue Prism Exams

ExamExam Name
ExamAD01Exam NameBlue Prism Developer
ExamAIE02Exam NameInstalling and Configuring a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment
ExamAPD01Exam NameBlue Prism Professional Developer
ExamARA01Exam NameBlue Prism ROM Architect
ExamASD01Exam NameDesigning Blue Prism Process Solutions
ExamATA02Exam NameDesigning a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment

Prism Software Download

Blue Prism Certification Practice Test Questions, Blue Prism Certification Exam Dumps

Study & pass your next exam with confidence when you prepare with ETE files from PrepAway. Blue Prism certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are all you need to pass fast. Blue Prism certification practice test questions and answers and exam dumps are the only reliable and turst worthy solution.

Blue Prism invented a tool called Robotic Process Automation. Thanks to it, companies can perform different actions without needing human intervention and obtaining the same results as if they have worked with humans. Therefore, thanks to the RPA tool, human resource need is significantly reduced without jeopardizing the company’s productivity.

Details of Blue Prism Certification Program

Blue Prism certifications validate the specialists’ skills in architecting, designing, installing, configuring, and developing Blue Prism apps. Generally, Blue Prism offers six certifications that target different skills and categories of specialists. They are the following:

  • Certified Blue Prism Developer;
  • Certified Blue Prism Installation Engineer;
  • Certified Blue Prism Professional Developer;
  • Certified Blue Prism ROM Architect;
  • Certified Blue Prism Solution Designer;
  • Certified Blue Prism Technical Architect.

Blue Prism Developer Certification

This is the basic certificate that Blue Prism offers for those individuals who want to learn more about Blue Prism tools. It doesn’t have any prerequisites and focuses on evaluating the candidates’ skills in managing Object Layer Design, ability to work with queues, and knowledge on how to handle guides, together with skills in using Blue Prism best practices and guidelines. The exam code is AD01 and it awards the successful candidate the Developer status. The final exam lasts for 60 minutes and includes 60 questions. The passing score is a minimum of 70% of questions answered correctly.

Blue Prism Professional Developer Certification

The Blue Prism Professional Developer validation takes the candidates to a professional level and helps them understand how to use the Blue Prism advanced tools and guides. The candidates are eligible to take the certification exam only if they have previously obtained the Blue Prism Developer certification. Then they will need to pass one exam coded APD01. When it comes to the test details, the duration of APD01 is 60 minutes. The candidates will need to answer 70% of a total of 50 questions. Such an exam is available in the English language and the test objectives are checking the exam-takers’ knowledge of Advanced Object Layer Design, Environmental Variables, Data Types, and also Application Modelling.

Blue Prism ROM Architect

The certified Blue Prism ROM Architect will be responsible for the entire architecture and all the steps in the automation process. When they register for this certification, the candidates will learn the principles of internal structure design and understand how it functions. This certificate doesn’t have any prerequisites. The candidates need to pass one exam which is coded ARA01. They will have 60 minutes to answer 60 questions and get a minimum passing score of 70%.

Blue Prism Official Courses


If you want to obtain any of the aforementioned certifications, you may opt for the following training courses:

  • Advanced Blue Prism Developer Course Delivered by Avo Consulting

    The Advanced Blue Prism Developer course is delivered by Avo Consulting, which is one of Blue Prism’s official training partners. This class lasts for 3 days and it is delivered in Oslo, Bergen, or in a virtual format. The maximum number of participants in this training is 10. The candidates who want to enroll in this course must have previously worked for 6 months with Blue Prism development tools. Also, the class is delivered in English or Norwegian. All in all, the course has the following objectives:

    • Debugging Blue Prism for advanced developers together with code stages, memory usage, and a login agent.
    • Management of advanced solutions related to design concepts. The candidates will be exposed to concepts like multilayer objects, application control, reusability, and communication.
    • Tips and tricks on how to use Blue Prism RPA tools such as handy shortcuts, XML-edit, faster coding, or naming conventions.
    • Access to Avo Library objects and process templates.
    • Management of connected RPA tools such as databases, reporting, authentication, dashboards, and API in Blue Prism.
  • Elements of RPA course delivered by DWF Academy

    The Digital Workforce Academy partnered with Blue Prism to create a comprehensive course that helps the candidates get a clear overview of Robotic Process Automation together with its apps and features. Such a course will take the candidates through different chapters to help them develop the necessary skills to obtain Blue Prism certifications. This training is free of charge and represents an amazing opportunity for beginners. The course has a duration of 4 hours. Plus, the candidates will get a digital diploma, which they can display on their LinkedIn profile and resume. During this course, the students will understand how Robotic Process Automation works. Also, they will gain knowledge of how to configure and manage an RPA robot. The candidates will be also exposed to the benefits of RPA and understand how to use RPA as part of the robotic automation process. Besides, the candidates will learn about RPA’s four streams, which will help them understand the roles and skills required for the specialists who want to become RPA certified. Finally, the attendees will receive optional exercises that they can use to get started creating a career in the RPA automation process.

  • Blue Prism Foundation Course Delivered by Neoops

    Neoops is another approved Blue Prism partner. This course covers different topics dedicated to Blue Prism objects, processes, and work queues. The target audience is formed by any specialist who wants to become a certified Blue Prism developer. The course’s length is 4 days and the maximum number of attendees is 8. This is a live instructor-led type of training, in which the attendees can participate either in a virtual classroom or live. There are no prerequisites for the candidates who want to participate in this course. When it comes to the course’s objectives, they are the following:

    • To help the candidates gain a deep understanding of Blue Prism responsibilities and roles for Developer, Controller, Process Analyst, and many more.
    • To introduce the candidates into the methodology dedicated to processing assessment and help them select the right RPA processes depending on the business requirements.
    • To develop the candidates’ skills in configuring and developing processes with minimum supervision with the help of Blue Prism software and methodology.
    • To help the candidate use examples and case studies so that they can practice their skills related to Blue Prism features and services.


If you have always wanted to get to know more about the RPA tool, it’s time that you start pursuing Blue Prism certificates. You, for example, can obtain the Certified Blue Prism Developer or the Certified Blue Prism ROM Architect by passing the relevant tests. And if you’re looking to expand your skills, then enroll in the courses offered by Blue Prism training partners.

Latest Blue Prism certification exam dumps, practice test questions and answers are uploaded by real users, however study guide and training courses are prepared by our trainers. So when you use these reosurces you get the full access to Blue Prism certification exam dumps & practice test questions and answers, study guide and training courses.

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