How To Install Troy Free Float Rail

06-08-12, 15:08
Hey fellas. Got a question. I am contemplating ordering eitherthe troy 9' mrf free float rail OR the midwest ind. gen 2 two piece ff rail.
Trying to find feedback first hand of people who have both of these rails. Also if you do have either one how sturdy are they ( any rotation) and are they comparitively made to each other ie: weight material finish ect..
Thanks for any input
Ps. Dont include the DD omega its not what im looking for i want a monolithic look and my 14.7' PSA upper already has a pinned BC on it and i dont wamt to chop off the FSB

2 Piece Drop-In vs Free Float?

Quad rail handguards generally come in one of two form factors: 2 Piece Drop-In or Free Float. The decision to buy one or the other depends on 1) how much effort you want to put into installing the quad rail and 2) how ultra precise you want your rifle to be.

Remove the anti-rotation screw from the bottom of the new handguards and unscrew the new barrel nut, removing it from the handguards. Apply a thin layer of high quality lithium moly grease to the inside threads of the barrel nut, install it over the barrel so that the lock ring faces toward the upper receiver, then hand-tighten the barrel nut. Free float handguard tubes allow the barrel to be isolated from the pressure that is placed on the handguard, preventing a shift in point of impact when a sl.

A 2 Piece Drop-In Quad Rail, as the name implies, comes in two pieces and screws together into place between the AR-15 receiver and front sight/gas block. The tapered end fits into the delta ring, which holds the quad rail in place against the end cap on the rear of the front sight. For more details, please see our AR-15 2 Piece Drop-In Quad Rail Installation Guide.
The key selling points of a 2 Piece Drop-In Quad Rail are:
- They are typically less expensive
- They are easier to install and require no special tools or gunsmithing experience.
A 2 Piece Drop-In Quad Rail can be installed by anyone in a few minutes. It requires no special tools, though we do recommend using an AR-15 Handguard Removal Tool.

A Free Float Quad Rail differs from a 2 Piece Drop-In Quad Rail in that it attaches directly to the AR-15 lower receiver and does not come into contact with the front sight, and by extension, the barrel. The idea behind this is that a 2 Piece Drop-In Quad Rail, being in constant contact with the barrel, will exert a tiny amount of force on the barrel and will ever so slightly impact the precision of the rifle.
The key selling point of a Free Float Quad Rail is:
- Free float quad rails do not come in contact with the barrel and thus do not impact the precision of the rifle.
The main drawback of a free float quad rail is that installation requires special tools and a more gunsmithing expertise. At minimum, installation of a free float quad rail handguard requires a vise, an upper receiver vise block, a hammer and punch set, and a AR-15 armorer tool. Please see our AR-15 Free Float Quad Rail Installation Guide for more details. If you do not have experience installing a free float quad rail, we highly recommend consulting an experienced gunsmith.

Troy’s new Drop-in free float rails are the easiest to install, and most versatile free float system available on the market. Special discounts may apply for high volume sales. Contact our Bids & Quotes department for more information. Related Products: $12.99.

How To Install Troy Free Float Rails


Troy Free Float Quad Rail

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