How To Install Windows Movie Maker For Free

Windows movie maker download 2012

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker is a video editing application by Microsoft available to Windows XP and Windows Vista users. Windows Movie Maker Installer allows you to install Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 6.0 in a fresh installation of Windows 7. You can then enjoy again DV export and a true timeline not found in the new Windows Live Movie Maker.

To use windows live movie maker aka windows movie maker first we will need to download & install it on windows. So in this tutorial we will see how to download Microsoft movie maker free full version.

download free. full Version

To download movie maker go to free-codecs.com site.

Go to windows live movie maker download page. Click on very first download link. It will begin the download & depending upon your internet connection speed it will take little or no time.

/free-fibre-optic-installation/. Time needed: 10 minutes.

Steps To Install Movie Maker

  1. Begin Installation

    Once download completes go to the folder where you have downloaded movie maker. Double click on the icon to begin installation

  2. Installation begins
  3. .Net Framework

    If you want you can install this feature but if you don’t want to no problem just click on skip this installation
    button. And windows essentials screen will pop up.

  4. What do you want to install

    On this screen you will need to select what you want to install. Whether all windows essentials or custom (choose the program you want to install). Here click on choose the programs you want to install

  5. Select programs to install

    On this screen you can select the programs you want to install on windows. For this tutorial uncheck other three options (Messenger, Mail, Writer) check Photo Gallery & Movie maker option. And then click on install button.

  6. Finish Installation

    Installation process will complete within minutes 🙂 Once it completes click on close button to finish installation

  • Launch Movie Maker

Reinstall Movie Maker Windows 10

Click on start button and scroll till you see movie maker icon in the list. Click on it to start the application.Or type movie maker in search box and hit enter key on keyboard, click on the name of the application to start it.

Create Shortcut & Pinning

Install Movie Maker Windows 10 For Free

Create shortcut on desktop-

Go to the file location of windows movie maker. For that in search box type movie maker. When name appears in the list right click on it & click on open file location.

Here right click on movie maker icon click on send to & click on desktop (create shortcut). Double click on the shortcut on desktop to start the application.


Type movie maker name in search box right click on movie maker name & click on pin to start. (It will pin movie maker to start tiles) Click on the movie maker title to start it.

Same way you can pin it to taskbar just instead of pin to start click on pin to taskbar. Now click on movie maker icon on taskbar to start the application.

How To Install Windows Movie Maker For Free Windows 10

So this way you can download & install full free version of windows live movie maker also known as windows movie maker. Top installed apps free fire.

Install Windows Movie Maker 2012

For better understanding watch my tutorial here

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