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Do not stay in the gloom. These are the best flashlight apps for Android for free. These are the brightest flashlight apps you can find on Google Play and some of them come without ads and additional permission.

They are not any fad. Flashlight apps can get us out of big trouble in difficult situations. For example, when we are at home and suddenly the light goes out at eleven o’clock at night. Or when we arrive too late at home and do not want to turn on all the lights. Also being camping or in case of emergency, lost in the forest after a long afternoon picking mushrooms.

Most phones can work as a flashlight, activating the flash function. However, in application stores, you will find many applications with this feature. And with other features added without any ads and additional permission. Below, we present the best flashlight apps for Android.

The 10 best free and brightest flashlight apps for Android without ads

No sneaky ads, no banner ads, no kidding. Instant on, uses camera's bright flash. No annoying sounds. No annoying ads. No special permissions. Works on 99% of devices. Make a shortcut of this app on your home screen and always have a one click flashlight available. Enjoy this free flash light application with the brightest. Download DU Flashlight app for Android. The brightest flashlight. The torchlight in dark, the free & fast light App.🔦.

If you have a device for Android, in the Google Play Store you will find many applications that can work as a flashlight. These are some of the best and have no annoying ads. Take a look at the selection and download them. Besides being good, they are free.


This is the first android flashlight app that I present to you. This flashlight app is ad-free and is a lightweight app that does not consume mobile resources.

Install free flashlight app

Install Flashlight App Free Download

In addition to the classic LED flashlight, this app allows you to use the brightness of the screen using the white tone. The application does not need any special settings, just install it and start it. Obviously, this app is completely free. Almost all of those who installed it proved extremely satisfied.

Torch – Android Flashlight Apps

The “Torch” by SimGears is another ad-free mobile flashlight application. This app includes a total of four widgets that you can place on your home screen and lock screen for easy access to the flashlight. There is also a built-in feature where the flashlight recognizes that the phone has entered your pocket and automatically turns off the flashlight to save battery and time. The flashlight also stays on even after you lock the screen. It has ads, but you can disable them in the app settings if you do not want them.

Flashlight Ultimate

For those looking for an android flashlight without ads and no-frills, this is the right application. Once installed and started this app has a single button in the middle of the screen with which you can turn on or off the LED of the camera. It has no other functions or additional options.

Flashlight! Free. No ads.

As the name suggests, this another great flashlight app for Android users with no advertising. This is a simple android- free flashlight that works with the camera’s LED, or flash. You just have to do is press the Power button. Instantly the flashlight will be activated and you can start using it for what you need. This application is for those who want an app that makes Torch without so many frills and without wasting time.

Flashlight Widget

Flashlight App online, free

This is another best free flashlight app for Android users with no ads. It is one of the most downloaded application and appreciated by users because it allows you to transform Android smartphones into a real torch for free. Thanks to the clear and minimal interface, using the app is really simple. Simply select the setting, fixed or strobe light (intermittently), and press the center button.

Color Torch HD LED flashlight

The flashlight in color is our fourth choice and it’s probably a good thing because it has a lot of features. It has the lowest standard permissions required and the standard ability to turn on your LED flash on the back of your phone. There are also a number of features available to make the screen of your device in a flashlight of different colors, shapes, sizes and patterns. It contains advertising but does not contain the necessary permissions to transmit your personal data, so it’s always a plus.

High-Powered Torch

This App, unlike the previous ones, has a small banner ad placed at the bottom of the screen of the phone that does not give much trouble.

I wanted to insert this flashlight for android as, unique, above the power button has a small compass that works really well. In addition to the compass, we find the SOS function and the stroboscopic function, which can be adjusted to 10 different positions.

Torch – Tiny Flashlight Apps

Easy to use, intuitive, and above all free. It will allow you to turn on the flash of the camera and use it to make light, just in case your smartphone has a flash.

If it did not, you can use another convenient function, which is to illuminate the screen at best. In this case with white light; the light is strong enough to illuminate enough, but the flash is always better, of course.
The last gem is that you can use different types of light. In fact, you will be given the opportunity to change the brightness or intermittency of the light, but also the colors, always in case you use the second function or that of the flashlight display.

Torch Flashlight LED HD

Windows Flashlight App Free

Another good alternative to having a flashlight for free on your Android smartphone is to install the LED Flashlight HD application that, with the touch of a virtual key, allows you to turn the flash of the phone camera in a real torch. You can also use the mobile phone screen as a light source and add a widget on the home screen for quick access to the application.

Install Flashlight App Free Fire

If we missed one of the best free flashlight apps for Android, let us know in the comments!

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