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The Roku has picked up a lot of steam over the last decade for being one of the most far-reaching, powerful and popular platforms in the world of streaming. Giving users access to a giant selection of channels, including streaming giants like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube.

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Kodi, a powerful cross-platform, open-source media center is similarly popular with users who enjoy access to video, audio, and live streams. It would seem that the Roku and Kodi would make natural allies, which is why it is odd and unfortunate that it is not so easy to install Kodi on the Roku.

Here is a simple guide if you want to Jailbreak Roku Stick. Follow the Kodi TV Download guide. All models of Roku stick Kodi supports full HD, and Roku 4 is a 4K streaming device so that you can use it on your HD TV. Shortcut button for top channels like Hulu and Netflix on the remote. How to jailbreak Roku. There are four main methods to jailbreak Roku, Screen mirroring. The Roku mobile app. Use a local network or USB. In this guide, we are going to describe each workaround to jailbreak Roku in detail with the step-by-step method. How to Install Kodi on Roku – Roku is the best media streaming set top boxes that enable people to watch videos, television series, music, movies and motion pictures on their television easily. Kodi is one of the best-computerized media players to stream advanced media content whenever and in addition it is ideal for various OS, for example. From what I understand, everyone who is looking to jailbreak roku, is actually trying to stream movies & TV shows on Roku for free. Getting KODI on Roku is the simplest way of doing this. Roku is one of the best streaming stick available for Smart TVs as of now. Also, Roku already offers many free channels to stream movies & TV shows from. To install Roku and Kodi, first, visit the start menu by selecting the button of Window. Next, go to Device Setting from the search bar and select add a device on the screen. Now, you have to select Kodi on Roku 3 from the separate streaming gadget. Now, you can see the screen in purple color on Roku 3 or Roku stick.

The methods provided in this guide are meant to assist with the process of getting around the hassles of installing Kodi on a Roku device. This method of “unlocking” or “jailbreaking” the Roku will ease the otherwise monotonous process of installing Kodi on it.

The Benefits and Ease of Roku

Roku is a very powerful platform. Its power lies in how vast the options and choices it affords the users to enjoy while navigating an easy, intuitive user interface. By any measure, Roku’s 4000+ choice of channels is an awe-inspiring number. It is not hard to identify and find desired channels for interest with Roku’s fast and accurate search capability. Searching for almost any apps, movies, tv shows one is interested to find generates a “type-ahead” style lookup, prompting the user with suggestions of the sought after search.

This simplicity of use is paired with a vast selection of channel types. From a multitude of video streaming options (YouTube, Netflix, etc), to audio networks for enjoyment of music and podcasts mediums (Deezer, TuneIn, Spotify, etc.), to a specific search for movies or tv shows that a user may want to find, Roku provides an almost instant ability to reach most entertainment desires.

While some channels might be limited by their geographical region, having thousands of choices is still a staggering number of options to pick from. However, with all the choices at hand, Roku, much like other streaming devices, has built-in restrictions and controls what is available and what is accessible. The Roku’s reach is wide (and growing) but it is far from unlimited.

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Why Do Roku User Want to “Jailbreak” Their Device

While it is typically explained as a protective strategy to guard the Roku against malfunctions, the reason for the limits and restrictions set by Roku is more about control of the content than looking to minimize crashes and errors of the Roku device itself or its operating system. Despite the large variety of choices provided by Roku, there are quite a few in existence which may interest Roku users. Roku wants the users to have a far reach but does not want it to be unlimited.

Roku may not permit access to some of the latest movies or tv shows and may curb the ability to reach a significant number of live streaming sports channels. This restrictive nature leads many users to “jailbreak” (get around the restrictions of) the Roku, and allow themselves the ability to reach an even greater number of valuable sources of entertainment.

Not Easy, But Not Impossible

Roku’s restrictive impositions are tough to crack. This is by design and therefore has been done with the foresight to guard against Roku users taking such action. But, for users looking to stream content from third-party software, there are methods of bypassing the limitations the Roku chooses to put in place.

Roku’s control largely confined to their app store. In fact, some of the apps largely meant for their specific particular uses, can often be leveraged by Roku users to access content otherwise not readily available by the device. For example, some older Roku versions contain a USB port. So a video loaded to it from a PC could then be played on the Roku using a multimedia application equipped for playing music, viewing pictures and videos. Unless the file being played is incompatible with the application design or the file is simply corrupted, Roku pushes no restrictions about what can be played from here.

Later models abandoned the USB port but obtain casting capabilities. This will be important to note later.

More About Kodi

As mentioned earlier, Kodi is an application that many Roku users would love to have access to. While alternatives do exist, Kodi has support for a multitude of hardware platforms. It also works on almost any existing operating system and runs on any device containing a 3D GPU (graphic processing unit) chip.

Kodi’s main feature is to act as a home theater hub, but its many add ons allow it to have a far more reaching grasp on a wide array of online services. Unlike the multiple alternatives to the Kodi who impose boundaries on what third party software can be utilized, being an open-source platform, the Kodi does not set limits on their uses but welcomes them.

Many of the restrictions prohibit the access of content not deemed as authorized by Roku, so the streaming capacity is limited to only applications that do not carry what might be considered “pirated” content.

It is little wonder that Roku does not play nice with a platform like Kodi as it is actively vetting any allowed applications for unauthorized material. So it is easy to understand why Roku would make it difficult to operate something like Kodi through its service. Having said that, utilizing Kodi with the user of the Roku is not out of the realm of possibility.

How To Use Kodi on Roku

Installing Kodi directly to the Roku device is not possible. It will not be available through the Roku app marketplace as a choice, nor can it be reached as a “private” channel. However, other options are available, ones that do not require any sort of tinkering with or manipulation of the Roku itself, but rather just require an additional device, and potentially an HDMI capable in case of older Roku devices.

1. Cast Kodi to Roku Through Another Device

This method requires the use of Roku devices which are not older than a Roku 3. The reason for this is simply that the Roku devices preceding 3 did not possess casting capabilities. Along with a capable Roku release model, a Kodi compatible device is also needed. This includes a PC or a smartphone equipped with a 3D GPU chip on the hardware end, or a compatible operating system (including Windows, MAC OS X, Android IOS or Linux).

To utilize these methods, the Roke device should first be updated to the latest version of the software available. The update can be triggered manually by going into the Roku settings of the main menu and following the prompts to check (and install) the most recent system update.

Kodi will likewise need to be installed on the hardware device which it will be casting from. From the Roku main menu, it is then time to navigate to Settings and find the option for Screen mirroring. Choose to enable screen mirroring and click Ok. As long as both the Roku and the external device have options, there should be an option to add the Roku as a wireless display on the PC or phone. Once the Roku is connected to the external device, streaming from Kodi from the device will mirror the screen to the Roku, allowing the user to enjoy the benefits of Kodi outside of Roku’s restrictions.

2. Utilize Roku As An Output Device Using an HDMI Cable

The main difference between this method and the first is that while the former connected Kodi to the Roku virtually via wifi connection, this method hardwires the pair of platforms. What is needed for this method is the Roku, the external device of choice (PC or phone), and an HDMI cable. The compatibility may also depend on the connection of the external device. While an HDMI cable cannot be directly linked to a phone as it can most modern computers, there are adapters that will meet the needs of the phone’s output and have an HDMI end for the Roku side of the connection.

Once again, it is a good idea to make sure that the Roku is updated to the latest software version before setting up this process. Installing the version of Kodi that the operating system compatible with on the external device would be the next step, followed by establishing the wired connection between the device and the Roku. The Roku will need to be added as a permitted device in the settings as done in Method 1 on the external device end of the hookup.

Other than the hardwiring nature of this method, it established the same principle as the first, connecting the two devices with the ability to broadcast the signal from the external one to the Roku, opening up the ability to access a whole new array of entertainment media.

Keeping The Use of Kodi Private

The one area where there is an issue in this process is the actual content of what can be streamed from the Kodi to the Roku. Kodi, being an open-source, all material welcoming platform that it is, has multiple third party add ons. The content which may be broadcast on through these add ons may not carry the proper authenticity and thereby be considered “pirated” material.

To stay clear of trouble, it would be wise to remain anonymous if using Kodi, whether it be through the Roku or simply on an external device. While it is difficult to remain true and completely anonymous online in this day and age, there are some options. The most notable one is the implementation of using a VPN (a virtual private network).

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To browse any website or service, one must connect to their internet service provider (ISP). The provider links to websites, and while doing so is capable of logging and collecting information about any websites accessed, media viewed and files downloaded. A VPN encrypts and hides online activities by redirecting all web traffic through a specially configured private server. Anyone seeing the encrypted data will just see it as a collection of characters and icons, not being able to draw anything from it. This method would keep any third party material accessed with Kodi from monitoring eyes.

Additionally, a VPN will unlock the ability to access content from formerly unattainable sources. Third-party applications that impose restrictions, similar to those implied by Roku, may in some cases become more readily available for use as the VPN may not be bound to geographical constraints.

Roku is a great Media streaming set-top box. You can easily stream Movies, Music and TV Series on your TV. Roku provides one of the best content from Top Channels. You can connect your Roku device to the Internet via WiFi or wired internet connection. So, this is a post about Kodi on Roku.

Download Kodi For Roku Links.


You need a good internet connection to use Roku because it downloads data in full HD. The latest Roku 4 supports 4K streaming also. So, If you own a 4K TV, then Roku is a great partner for your TV. Kodi is a multimedia player, and I will tell you why you can not install Kodi on the Roku streaming stick. Kodi changed the name and from XBMC to Kodi. It is a Media player that runs on Android, Windows, and Mac OS X. You can also install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi and use that as the Set-top box for your TV. It is an award-winning Media Center device, Kodi allows you to stream Videos, Movies, Images, and Music directly from the Internet.

You can connect your device with olpair using this guide.

Why Installing Kodi on Roku Stick is Not Possible.

Here is an excellent article about the Amazon fire stick hack.

Kodi is officially supported on Windows, Android, Mac OS X, Linux, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi. It is officially supported only on these operating systems. But Roku does not use any of these OS. So, right now, there is no way to install it.

Also, read our article on the Best Random Video Call apps.

Kodi is a native c/c++ application Roku does not support (or rather allow) native C/C++ applications. So, the Team of Kodi can not do anything to make Kodi for Roku. If Roku decides to support c/c++ on their device, then we can see Kodi, but for now, there is no way to install XBMC.

Now you know that we can not install Kodi on Roku, but we can Cast Kodi content to Roku. It will not be as seamless as installing it on Roku, but at least you can stream Kodi content on your Roku.

I hope now you know why Kodi does not work on Roku, but if you have Apple Tv, then you can use that and install Kodi on Apple TV 3. Also, If you want, you can download YouTube to mp3 using tool Peggo very quickly.

Stream Kodi Content On Roku.

You can use a Windows device or an Android device to cast Kodi on Roku. So, we will use the Android/Windows device to run Kodi and Roku to stream the content of Kodi. Currently cast feature is in Beta version and only available on Roku 3.

Also, read a cool guide on Geometry Dash 2.2. It is one of the best Android games that you can play.

Other Important Information about Kodi.

If you are using Kodi, then you should install Genesis Kodi.

Kodi is an Open Source project so anyone can make the changes to this software. It supports Add-ons so that anyone can develop Add-ons, so there are tons of content available. You can use it for YouTube Streaming and content from other sites, which gives free content 0n their websites. There are tons of Plugins available, so; you can stream content from many locations. The most important reason why people want to use Kodi tv Roku is that of Exodus addon. Exodus on Roku will be the best pair for media consumption. If you’re going to download Exodus for Roku, then keep reading this guide.

Here is an excellent site of healthcare software development company that you can check out.

Watch Live TV on Your Device With Kodi Live TV Addon.

Many unofficial plugins are present using them. You can stream content from Torrent and other websites. So, It allows you to play pirated movies, music, and TV series for free.

Kodi On Roku 3 & 4

The software of all Roku models is similar means they all are native C/C++ applications. That’s why the Kodi app for Roku is not possible until Roku changes its software.

List of Top 30 Best Kodi Addons January 2018.

What can be done to use XBMC on Roku?

One of the best and easy ways is to set up a different device for Kodi streaming. You know that Kodi supports Android so, you can use your old Android phone or Android tablet to run Kodi.
After setting up Kodi on Android, you can use a Micro USB to HDMI cable to stream it on your TV, or you can cast the screen of your Android device to Roku.

You can see also Install Plex on your Roku. Plex is the best alternative for Kodi.

Here is the full guide to using your old Android device as Kodi Media Center.

If you own a Smart TV powered by Android, then you can directly install Kodi on Smart Television.

If the above solutions don’t help you, then you can buy an Amazon Firestick and install Kodi on firestick TV.

How to Jailbreak Roku Stick (Can You?)

I have seen many peoples searching for JailBreak Roku or “How to jailbreak a Roku stick.”. Roku is not based on Android or any other Linux operating system, so you can not Jailbreak it or modify the OS to remove restrictions imposed by Roku. So, If you are searching for terms like “can you jailbreak a Roku,” then the answer is “No, You Can Not.”. If you also searched for this term, then I think you want to stream Pirated Content directly on your Roku. Sadly there is no way to do that directly, but you can install Kodi on PC or mobile, then you can cast the screen to Roku Box. You can not directly install Kodi on Roku, but casting the screen can do the work. If you have a TV with two or more HDMI ports, then you can also buy Firestick and put it on a second HDMI Slot. I have written a simple guide on how to install Kodi on Firestick or Fire TV.

Read this guide on the Kodi update 2018.

Roku media streaming devices are top-rated and great media device you can stream many free channels and Movies. The paid options are also great, and you should go for them. If roku jailbreak were possible, then it would be the ultimate media center device, but sadly we can not do that. You can stream Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video. These are major content providers. You can also use Google Play Movies on your Roku, so by paying a small amount to Google Play Movies, and then you can watch any movie at high quality. If you are a Music lover, then you can directly stream your Spotify library on Roku.

Can You Jailbreak Roku?

So, I hope that you got the answer to this big question. If you have any other similar doubts, you can ask in the comment section.

Features of Roku That You Should Know.

Roku contains 2500+ channels, and these channels are available on all Roku devices. Roku is a streaming media player, so it takes all the content from the Internet and Shows it on your TV using HDMI cable. You can control your Roku with a Remote control provided with your Roku device or Android or iOS device.

Kodi, an excellent Media Center software, and Kodi on the Roku stick will be a killer combination. Still, for now, Kodi is not supported on Roku, so you need to wait for Roku to make a compatible version of Kodi. Here is a simple guide if you want to Jailbreak Roku Stick. Follow the Kodi TV Download guide.

  1. All models of Roku stick Kodi supports full HD, and Roku 4 is a 4K streaming device so that you can use it on your HD TV.
  2. Shortcut button for top channels like Hulu and Netflix on the remote.
  3. Search across all content providers.
  4. You can Log in to WiFi networks; This will help you to stream your favorite content on places Like Hotel.
  5. You can Screen mirror your Windows and Android device on all Roku devices except Roku 1.
  6. Log into profiles of your Netflix account. It is a useful feature. You can access your Netflix account on your Roku, which is a great experience.
  7. Fast speed of Netflix and Youtube.

Why Installing Kodi Roku is not the best Idea.

Roku is a first Streaming device, and that’s why many people trust and Buy it. Even though it can not run Kodi and other Android apps, but it completes the job of entertainment. You can stream pretty much anything on Roku except Torrent. Using is Torrent illegal in many countries like the US, UK, and if you are from these countries, be careful and use any Good VPN service to protect yourself from Police. Carpetland free installation.

The best part of Roku is that it contains all the major TV series, and movies and all of them are legal, so no tension of Police while Kodi officially doesn’t support Torrent. Still, Third-party developers make Torrent add-ons, and if you use them, then it can lead you to Police. So, If you are using Roku, then you are safe.

Other than this, Kodi is not at all stable, many sources on Kodi do not work correctly. You will face many issues and errors while running Kodi, which is annoying while watching movies and TV series. Official apps are very less. Only major apps are supported on Kodi officially.

Channels You Can Watch For Free on Roku.

Now, this is my favorite feature of Roku, and I like this feature you can watch many popular channels like Fox, History and many free channels. You need a good Internet connection, and you can enjoy 4k, full HD content for free. So, If you are thinking of buying a Roku, then you should check the list of open channels.
Click on Top Free channels, and then you can see all free content that comes with your Roku device. Youtube is on top of this list.

Roku is directly now selling 4K TV, so if you are planning to buy a Smart Tv, then you should check it out.

Roku Jailbreak Channels

Plex VS Kodi (Plex is supported on Roku devices).

Kodi and Plex are the two best available media player software for Home theater PC. Both are the same software except their features and customization. If you are reading this post, then it means you use a Roku, and you can use the only Plex on Roku, so don’t think much about install Kodi for Roku and start using Plex. But if you are thinking of buying a Roku device, then you should read this part.

Pros and Cons of Kodi.

The ability to Install Addons is the most attractive feature of Kodi. You can customize the looks of Kodi using add-ons. It is like an Android ecosystem; you can install many types of add-ons that will help you to customize it as Kodi is an open-source project so anyone can build add-ons. That’s why the add-on market is unregulated, and you can easily find illegal add-ons to stream Pirated content. But you need to be technically suitable to setup add-ons, and other features and many add-ons do not work correctly, so it is a significant downside of Kodi.
The best thing about Kodi is that it is free, You need hardware like a primary PC, HTPC, Amazon Fire TV, or Raspberry PI, and then you can use it for free without spending anyone.

The main problem of Kodi is that streaming Kodi content is tough. While Kodi is open source, it is not polished when compared to Plex. Plex feels much better while using it. The UI of Plex is much better, and the user interface is also better on Plex.

Roku jailbreak channels

Pros and Cons of Plex.

Plex is a part of Kodi only. Some codes of Kodi comes from XBMC 2008 (Previously Kodi was called XBMC). After changing the path, Plex decided to be more user-friendly, and it is not open source. So, the Owner of Plex has excellent control over their product, and you can not install Pirated stuff on Plex, and customization is not that easy on Plex.
The cool feature of Plex is that you set up the Main server (It can be your Desktop, Laptop), and then you enjoy your content on many devices like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Smart Tv and Streaming devices like Roku, firestick, etc.


The primary feature of Plex is file sharing and multi-platform support, and you can install Plex on many devices. The paid feature of Plex is excellent as you know that we set up servers and stream content from it. The paid version sync your Media library with the cloud server. So, You can stream your media from anywhere in the world if you have a good Internet connection.

Plex is less customizable, and free Live TV is less on Plex. The best feature of Plex is paid while Kodi is entirely free.

Jailbreak Installer Free Roku Tv

Top Features of Kodi that Make It Awesome.

Kodi is famous because of the Content provided by it. It is an open-source project, and people are allowed to add more content to the system using Addons. This is why Kodi has content from the whole world. You can Live stream content of many countries like India, Dubai, etc.

Another great use of Kodi is to stream content from Torrent to directly on your TV. With the help of some Torrent add-ons, you can instantly stream Torrent content. These add-ons are built and maintained by third-party developers, and it is not legal to use them. Many Roku users want to use these add-ons.

It is recommended to use a good quality VPN if you are using Kodi in countries like the US. The support of torrent content is the reason for the success of Kodi.

  1. Music: Kodi can play all your music from all the leading formats. AAC, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, and WMA formats are supported on Kodi.
  2. Movies: Kodi can play movies also. You can play videos from all formats. It also streams movies from many online sources.
  3. TV Shows: Play your favorite TV shows on your TV. These TV shows are in full HD quality.
  4. Pictures: See your Images directly on your TV. It can also stream images from traditional sources like Flickr.
  5. PVR and Live TV: Kodi also supports Live TV shows. Many significant channels are available.

I hope you liked this article on Kodi on Roku and how to Jailbreak Roku. If you are facing any issue with Kodi, then you can comment bellow. Share this article with your friends.

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