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The cron job runs this app automatically once every day at 12:00 a.m. Midnight (your server’s time zone) to issue/renew and install the Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificates. If you want the cron job to run at a different time, please skip this option and use the cron job option of your cPanel /.


For Servers with root or administrator access

If you manually install an SSL certificate on your server with root access you will not only need the primary SSL Certificate “Public Key”, but also the corresponding intermediate SSL certificate.

  • You have already set up a user-managed SSL certificate for your domain in your IONOS Customer Account.

Free Public Ssl Certificate

  • Log in to IONOS and select the Domains & SSL tile.

  • Click on SSL certificates in the navigation bar on the right.

  • Click on the domain for which you want to download the certificate. The Certificate Settings will be displayed.

  • To save your SSL certificate on your computer, click Download in the section Advanced Settings of your SSL certificate.

  • To save your intermediate certificate on your computer, click Download in the section Advanced Settings of your intermediate certificate.

  • You now have all the certificate files you need to install the SSL certificate and can start transferring them to your server.

Please Note
  • If the SSL certificate download file is a .zip file, this means it already contains the root certificate by the Digi-Cert certification authority. As a rule, you can ignore the root certificate as it is already present in the server’s memory reserved for certificates. The root certificate has always the highest number of all the certificates.
    For example, if your zip file contains the two certificate files intermediate1.crt and intermediate2.crt, then intermediate2.crt is the root certificate.
  • Your private key will not be stored in your IONOS Customer Account because of security reasons. If you no longer have access to your private key, your SSL certificate needs to be reissued.

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