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Water heaters are essential throughout homes in Singapore. Some households may even have more than one water heating appliance installed, all for the comfort of the homeowners. Whether it needs changing or you simply have moved into a new home which is not fully equipped, knowing how to install a water heater in Singapore can be useful.

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Water Heater Free Installation Singapore Price

This water heater is Genuine from RUBINE Singapore distributor. This water heater come with RUBINE Singapore warranty: 7 years against leakage. For further products clarification or after sale service matters, you may contact RUBINE Singapore at 62680077. WATER HEATER SERVICES FixinGuru provides a reliable water heater installation and repair service to all Singapore customers at a transparent and flexible fee. Having a water heater on a rainy day is extremely important and our handyman can help you get your faulty water heater back running in no time. S & E PLUMBING Enterprise (PUB license: WS/0875/1998) was established in 2003 and is currently made up of a team of local, PUB licensed and experienced plumbers. We have plumbers on 24 hours’ standby island-wide to help those who need plumbing services urgently. A huge majority of our current clientele base is built based on our ex-customers. Based on the analysis above, you can determine which type of water heater suits you best. Some of the water heater brands we carry are Ariston, Jovan, 707, Rheem, Champs, Alpha etc. Our workmanship comes with a money back guarantee & warranty. Sit back and relax. Leave the tough work to us. We provide water heater installation islandwide 7 days a week. Our pricing starts from a very cost-effective $40/unit for installation.

Types of water heaters in Singapore

Water heater free installation singapore 2019

The instant water heater and the storage tank heater are two of the most popular types of water heaters in Singapore. Other options may include a point-of-use water heater or a solar water heater.

The storage water heater is a preferred option because it offers a non-stop solution to the ongoing demand of hot water in a home. By contrast, the instant water heater can be used only when using the shower or the bath – this model is also referred to as the electric shower head. You may choose to install any of these types of water heaters, according to your needs and the associated costs.

Installing a water heater at home

The steps for installing a water heater in your home in Singapore are generally simple and easy to follow through even if you haven’t had extensive plumbing work experience beforehand. This can be an easy DIY project, however, should you encounter any issues during any of these stages, it is advisable to contact a professional plumber. These are the summarized steps for installing a household water heater:

  • turn off the electrical power;

  • remove the old heater, if this is the case;

  • disconnect all of the supply cables and pipes (electric supply and water supply);

  • position the new heater accordingly, so that it matches the water inlet;

  • make any additional screwing holes, so that the new heater will be safely screwed in the wall;

  • position the new heater on the wall, connect it to the water inlet and thoroughly fix it in the wall;

  • connect the electric supply and the water supply to the new heater;

  • check that it is filled with water and then reestablish power;

  • check for any leakages.

The electrical installation should comply with the type of heater installed. You can perform a simple test of your newly installed water heater by checking if it is sensitive to specific temperature ranges.

In case of simple water heater component replacements, it is advisable to seek professional help so that you may purchase the suitable spare pieces, according to heater brand. If you do not have the time or the tools to install a new water heater by yourself, you can always contact a team of experts in plumbing issues, such as Plumbers-Singapore.com.

Water Heater

Purchasing a new high- efficiency water heater in Singapore to keeps your energy bill out of hot water. Because heating water is the second largest energy expense, you need a system that is worry-free without compromising on quality. With only modern, contemporary and high-performance features at affordable prices, choosing the most appropriate water heater for your home doesn’t have to be difficult.


Our luxurious water heating systems are manufactured to provide elegance and complete functionality. Whether you want to indulge in a therapeutic getaway or simply looking for a sophisticated, yet eco- friendly water heating solution, our water heaters will be the best choice for you.

Gas Water Heater Installation

Investing in a dependable water heater to fit your family’s way of life will change the way you shower forever. Our water heater units are built to last, with trusted technology that you and your family can depend on for years to come. You can take a more detailed look at our website, waterheatersingapore.com.sg to choose your water heater today.

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Water Heater Free Installation Singapore Today

Our highly experienced technicians

  • Promise to provide quality at your service
  • Ensure the safety standards followed during installation of water heaters
  • 100% reliable
  • Used copper wire instead of aluminium wire for safety

With at least 15 years experience, we are confident in water heater installation for your households with our vast experience and safety measures.

Hot Water Heater Free Installation

Find out more about storage heater installation cost or our water heater price in singapore by contacting us now!

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