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How To Download Whatsapp App in Jio Phone Hindi अगर आप jio phone का प्रयोग कर रहे है तो आपको अपने जिओ फ़ोन में whatsapp app को download और install जरूर करना चाहते होंगे लेकिन आपको मालूम नहीं होगा की basically Jio Whatsapp. 1 Jio Phone में WhatsApp कैसे चलाये? 1.1 Jio Phone में WhatsApp कैसे Install करे. 1.1.1 JioStore से Whatsapp कैसे install करे. 1.2 Jio Phone में Whatsapp का इस्तमाल कैसे करे.

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Part 3. FAQs of Saving Photos from WhatsApp

Question 1. How to save WhatsApp photos to SD card?

If you want to save all your received WhatsApp images to the external SD card, you need to set your SD card as the storage position. You can go to Advanced settings and choose the Memory & Storage option. Then set SD card as the storage position from the Default location. More information about moving data to SD card is here.

Question 2. How to back up WhatsApp chats from iPhone to iCloud?

When you want to back up WhatsApp messages and chats from your iPhone to iCloud, you can go to Settings app and turn on the iCloud Drive feature. Then open WhatsApp app, go to Settings, and then tap Chats, next Chat Backup and finally Back Up Now to back up all your WhatsApp data to iCloud.

Question 3. How to share Facebook videos to WhatsApp on Android?

It's quite easy to share Facebook video to WhatsApp, especially for some public videos. To share a Facebook video to WhatsApp on your Android phone, you can directly use the Share option on Facebook video and then forward it to WhatsApp for sharing.


How to download photos from WhatsApp? We have mainly talked about how to save WhatsApp images in this post. You can get 2 simple methods to copy and save photos from WhatsApp. If you have any better way to download all photos from WhatsApp group, please share it in the comment with other readers.

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Jio App Download For Windows

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